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Coaching/Empowerment Sessions


Desire more Abundance
in Health, Happiness and Harmony?
How about Prosperity?
Want a Greater Sense of Peace, and to Experience More of Life?

What if you had the tools you needed to get you through every challenging situation in life and turn it into an opportunity? Wouldn't it feel awesome finally having control over your life!
In sessions with JR you will learn how to bring self into alignment with Life/Spirit, and see your every goal, desire and dream realized... 


"There is a Power for Good in the Universe, and YOU can use it"
- Ernest Holmes



Benefits of Spiritual Coaching:

Renew Passion for Life!

Consciously Direct the Flow of Universal Mind/Spirit into Form

Free Your Soul’s true Abundant Nature

As the Love of God is Perfect, So the Law of God is also Perfect.
Love is the Ultimate Secret.

Change Your Thoughts and Truly Change your Life!

        JR coaches and works with clients using the Principles and Universal Laws of Attraction in mind. In your sessions you will learn practical exercises and specific activities you can use to get more out of life. The sessions focus on improving all aspects of life: relationships, health and body image, spirituality, wealth, and life purpose. Call or email to schedule your session today! 

  Empowerment Sessions by Phone!

No Time! Can’t do a full session, but still want the benefit?    

Still want to Remove the Blockages, Experience the Transformation and Manifest your Desires? 
Empowerment Sessions by PHONE are a powerful way to connect with your own truth, gain clarity about what is for your highest good and release whatever is in your way of creating what you desire to experience in your life. With Spirit/Universe there is no such thing as time and space, distance does not exist on the spiritual level of life.  With removing the obstacles and blockages that no longer serve your divine self. You can experience the abundant flow of creative life force energy guiding you and co-creating with you.
Whether it's an Empowerment Healing or Manifesting session, Call to schedule your  20-30 minute session, self investment of $35.00.    

Call Today! to Schedule your Session for an Empowered Tomorrow!

For more information:  (804) 402-8781

20-30 Minute Empowerment Session $35.00. After making payment, please email JR to schedule the session day and time.

45-60 Minute Coaching Empowerment Session. $65.00

Love Offering – in support of the continued healing, sharing and expansion of my ministry, giving me the ability of offering scholarships where I can. May your generous gift given be seen as the seeds to your abundance soon to be received… Thank You…


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